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Posted on April 1 2023

Feelsy: How It Works

Feelsy provides users with valuable insights into the sentiment of Instagram business profiles linked to their Facebook accounts. In this blog post, we will explore how Feelsy works and how it can help users gain a deeper understanding of social media engagement.
Facebook Authentication:
To access Feelsy, users sign in using Facebook authentication. This integration allows Feelsy to retrieve relevant information about the user's Instagram business profiles, enabling a personalized experience tailored to their interests. By leveraging the Facebook login system, Feelsy ensures a seamless and secure sign-in process for its users.
Navigating the Dashboard:
After signing in, users are presented with a list of Instagram business profiles linked to their Facebook account. Feelsy's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find the profiles they want to analyze. Upon selecting a profile, users are brought to their personalized dashboard.
Understanding the Dashboard:
The Feelsy dashboard provides users with an overview of each post associated with the chosen profile. Each post is accompanied by the cumulative average sentiment value of the comments overlaying the image. This sentiment value gives users an immediate glimpse into the overall emotional tone of the comments on the post.
Exploring Detailed Views:
When users click on a specific post, Feelsy takes them to a detailed view. Here, users can dive deeper into the sentiment analysis of the comments. A graph displays the breakdown of sentiment values, allowing users to visualize the distribution of positive, negative, and neutral comments. Additionally, Feelsy provides the sentiment value of the most-liked comments, giving users insights into the comments that resonate most with the audience.